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Time to end your "virtual" challenges, upgrade to the digital world from the age old paper & sheet presentations!

Discover a "Plan"et of opportunities with Planning Tank. Online since 2013, serving over a million users every year.

How are we carving out the best, for everyone!

After years of experimentation and experience with failures & success, we are determined to share our "success mantra" with the community. An attempt to bring everyone together, helping you, us and everyone! 

Reach the right audience

Relying on cookies to get the "right" audience might not be the smartest way!

Adding the human touch much before homes, cities became "smart".


Leveraging the best of technology keeps us ahead of the competition! Our innovative team is always on a hunt to find the unique and most efficient use of tech.

Build Network

We have only 1 planet and it's our collective responsibility. Collaborations with like-minded individuals and organisations are always welcomed!

Low cost on high quality!

We excel in balancing the "free" with "paid", replacing "premium" for functionality. Thus we are able to provide cost effective solutions to others!

Measure & Analyze

Informed decision making requires reliable data. Stop the guesswork and take advantage of data driven approach.

Tools for Entrepreneurs

We are passionate about success & empowerment! Providing budding entrepreneurs & solopreneurs with the right set of tools.

Good to Read, Great to Publish!

Fueling the writer in you since inception!

One platform for all writing styles!

Narrative, Analytical, Expository, Persuasive, Argumentative - Whatever your writing style may be, we have readers eagerly waiting for what you have to share!

We've spent almost a decade in writing and publishing. Exploring and adapting to the industry's best practices, we are bringing all writing types under one platform.

We host the richest & finest collection of content and yet, it feels like we're just getting started! 

‘The faintest ink is better than the strongest memory’

A Super Planner platform

We plan to begin with reports, small analysis and independent opinion sharing on various urban planning issues which are often ignored. 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
~ Maya Angelou

Replicating Success Online-to-Offline


Planners are a perfect fit for the desk as well as the field. Their education and training are unparalleled, thus we are exploring ways to provide them with relevant on the field and real project experience.

After crafting our space in the digital world, we now look forward to proving our excellence on the ground. 

Our Partners in Success!

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